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VIMA’s main goal is to work together with our clients, making sure they understand our wealth management process in order to achieve their lifestyle goals. We pay special attention to clients unique needs. This is accomplished through efficient personalized services.

Our Investing Philosophy

VIMA conducts detailed interviews to determine a comprehensive investment plan designed to fulfill the client’s needs. VIMA develops a personal financial analysis for each client then creates and manages portfolios designed to fit our disciplined guidelines.Along with maximizing risk-adjusted returns, we also keep in mind minimizing fees and managing assets in a tax-efficient manner. Using such low-cost investment, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), is just one way VIMA creates opportunities for tax-efficiency and fee-reduction.

Albert Einstein once stated “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest,” which he believed was truly the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” By reducing fees and taxes, the client retains their own money for future investments.


VIMA is a fee-only investment advisor.


Our services and incentives are designed to work perfectly with each client’s goals. When our clients succeed, we succeed. Unlike our competitors, VIMA has no products to sell. VIMA charges investment management fees as a percentage of client assets under management, so VIMA’s financial success is closely tied to the growth of our client assets.

VIMA holds a strong belief that our proven, disciplined financial process, maximizing risk-adjusted returns, and providing competitive fees can lead all our clients to success.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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