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VIMA’s main goal is to work together with our clients, making sure they understand our wealth management process in order to achieve their lifestyle goals. We pay special attention to clients unique needs. This is accomplished through efficient personalized services.

Social Responsibility

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In the current fast-paced world,  it’s easy to ignore the harmful consequences resulting from the rapid industry growth. Good intentions are often forgotten and become second place next to turning a profit.


Four years ago, VIMA considered the possibility of impact investing, backing profitable companies trying to produce social and environmental good. Impact investing also allows investors to continue earning a profit while supporting companies that use environmentally sustainable technology, show a high level of employee satisfaction or carry out disease research. Companies with ethical controversies or a litigious history will be avoided. By avoiding companies involved in questionable industries, impact investing is focused on encouraging positive outcomes.


Our advisors realize that in order to increase financial success, investors should select not only funds that do well, but funds that have a neutral impact as well. Investors should not assume that just because a fund calls itself “sustainable” or “socially responsible,” does it mean that it’s true.


With current politics becoming more complex and the political processes becoming less able to deal with many issues like climate change and income inequality, investors now have an opportunity to encourage positive outcomes through their investment selection.

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