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Philanthropy Interview with Michael Vissotski

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Nurse Anitra came in to pick up a care package. She told us about her incredible story...

After contracting COVID-19 on the job she had to go through recovery without compensation because she is an independent contractor. This is her email response after watching the Fox2 VIMA interview with Taryn Asher and receiving a care package:


"Hello, my name is Anitra Hicks and I just want to thank Mike @ Vima Wealth for his kindness and generosity in this crisis! I am a nurse and was diagnosed with Covid19 and pneumonia and was hospitalized for 7days.  If God had not woken me up to use the bathroom I would’ve died in my sleep. I woke up to blue lips and blue fingernails which is called hypoxia. Thanks to the quick response of the 911 operator and 1st responders, they saved my life. I want to thank Fox News for airing the information of the great things Mike @ Vima Wealth is doing for all of us! I had the opportunity to meet Mike as I picked up my care package and he is truly a genuine and caring man. The package really will help my family, I even got wine  Lord knows we need something to help us relax lol... Thanks again Mike and Fox for airing the good deeds of Vima Wealth!"

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